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Patterned Yoga Stretch Straps

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These colorful yoga straps can easily be tossed it into your yoga bag. So you can take it with you to the gym, yoga class, fitness center, and anywhere you go to stay fit!

The easiest way to perfect your practice is with a yoga strap. The yoga strap is a simple non-elastic band that provides extra stability and flexibility. When your muscles and tendons fail to provide the required strength and coordination to execute a pose, this yoga strap is your first choice. It can relieve joint pain, shoulder problems, muscle spasms and other soreness. Stretching regularly can trigger blood circulation and promote blood flow. As a result, it helps reduce muscle pain, builds strength and increases the range of motion in core muscles.

The straps provide beneficial support to help deepen stretches, hold stretches for longer, improve posture, flexibility, and achieve optimal body alignment. Additionally, they improve muscle strength, tone and definition. These Stretch Straps are perfect for yoga, pilates, crossfit , rehabilitation or general stretching exercises. Suitable for all levels and experience. 

• Helps deepen and guide stretches

• Assists in holding poses for longer

• Strengthens and builds muscles

• Improves flexibility and suppleness

• Perfect for lower body and arm stretches

• Ideal for yoga, pilates and general stretching exercises

• Helps in injury rehabilitation and prevention

• Improves mobility and range

• Helps achieve optimal body alignment 

Material: Cotton/Polyester Interlaced yarn
Size: 185 x 3.8 cm-L-72.8 x W- 1.50 Inches
Weight: 82 g-3 oz


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