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3-5 Piece Resistance Band Set

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Get Fit, Get Toned, Get Pumped! With 3-5 Levels Of Resistance These Resistance Bands Are Great For Helping You Get Your Sweat On. These Bands Are Great For Both Upper And Lower Body Training. So, What Are You Waiting For?

 The resistance bands Increase muscular strength and joint stability in your upper and lower body .They come in 3-5 levels - Light, Medium and Heavy, this pack is designed to suit all fitness levels. The continuous loop makes it perfect for targeting the hips, glutes , legs and shoulders with lateral movements, resisted squats, forward & backward leg extensions or shoulder stabilization exercises.

  • Ideal for strengthening glutes, hips, legs and shoulders.
  • Bands can be stacked together to satisfy the strongest individuals.
  • Can also be looped together for added length and exercise versatility.
  • Weight rating featured on bands for convenience.
  • Comes with small carry bag for convenient transport and storage.
  • Made from high quality TPE-Length-24*5 cm- 9.5*2-Inches.

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