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Sun and Moon Spinner Ring

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✨The sun and moon are powerful symbols that represent energy and clarity. They are beautiful reminders that even the smallest glimmer of light can change the world.

💕Keep these unique rings close to never lose hope and always look to the sky for inspiration. 

  • Cute sun and moon design adds a touch of boho-flair to any outfit.
  • Ring sizes-6-12.
  • Material-Brass/Silver plated.

How To Care Your Jewelry:
1. It's recommended to gently rub your jewelry with a silver cleaning cloth.
2. To restore the shine, rub with a clean but dry cotton cloth.
3. To prevent scratches, wrap in a soft fabric cloth or place in jewelry bag and avoid rubbing it against other jewelry.

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To provide the Activewear and accessories that will Inspire you to stay active. Our on-trend designs are high in quality at affordable prices we can all feel good about.

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Free Shipping on orders over $125 in Canada and $150 in the USA.

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